IKJJ is set up to preserve and promote the Kawaishi system worldwide.

The Kawaishi system is open to all martial artists, who would like to study and get graded into the system.

However Judoka’s have a big advantage here, in the way of gaing significant RPL’S, towards a grading.


Benefits of being a member of the IKJJ gives you the ability to get graded and teach a Ju Jitsu system alongside your normal martial art. And being part of a larger group who will support, help, guide and advise you.


IKJJ Structure

International Kawaishi Jujitsu is managed by a board of directors who by joint decision appoint a Head of School. Functions of the school are executed by Commission of the Head of School. The head of school may commission various board members only to oversee tasks either permanently or temporally as he or she so determines. 

The current positions commissioned by the Head of School are as follows . . .

  • Dean/ President- 1st adjutant to Head of School.

  • Scrutineer - Senior examiner of students, instructors and other grading standards matters.

  • Registrar - keeper of journals, registers, minutes and public policy documents.


                                                   -International Kawaishi Ju Jutsu Syllabus-

For reference we use the following books,my method of judo, my method of self defence and the 7 kata's of judo, for gradings.We will refer to them in order as, book 1, book 2 and book 3.

Shortened to b1,b2,b3.


Kyu grades Mudansha


6th kyu= min 3 months

An understanding of and competent in the following.

Ukemi, tai sabaki,kumi kata,kuzushi,atemi,terminology, and history.


 5th kyu=min 6 months

b1,throws, ashi 1st 3,koshi 1st 3,kata 1st 1,te 1st 2,sutemi 1st 3

b1,holds 1st 3, shime,1st 3,2nd shime set 1st 2,ude, 1st 5,ashi 1st 1,kubi 1st 1

b2,basic positions 4,defence against strikes 5


4th kyu=min 6 months

b1,throws, ashi  2nd 3,koshi 2nd 3,kata 2nd 1,te 2nd 2,sutemi 2nd 3

b1, holds 2nd 3,shime 2nd 3,2nd shime set 2nd 2,ude,2nd 5,ashi 2nd 2,ashi 2nd 2,kubi 2nd 1

b2,frontal attacks 4,defence against various stikes 5


3rd kyu= 6 months

b1,throws,ashi 3rd 3,koshi 3rd 3,kata 3rd 1,te 3rd 2,sutemi 3rd 3

b1,holds, 3rd 3,shime 3rd 3,2nd shime set, 3rd 2,ude 3rd 5,ashi 3rd 2,kubi 3rd 1

b2, wrists 7 ,defenec against stick 3


2nd kyu= 6 months

b1, throws,ashi 4th 3,koshi 4th 3,kata 4th 1,te 4th 2,sutemi 4th 3

b1,holds, 4th 3,shime 4th 3, 2nd shime set 4th 2,ude 4th 5, ashi 4th 2.kubi 4th 1

b2,parries to lateral, 3,defence against knife 6


1st kyu= 6 moths

b1, throws, ashi 5th 3,koshi 5th 3,kata,last 2,te last 2,sutemi last 3

b1,holds last 5,shime last 5,2nd shime set last 3,ude last 5,ashi last 2,kubi last 2

b2,parries to rear, 4 ,defence against gun 3, overpowing holds 8




Must be a member of the International Kawaishi Ju Jutsu Group, within their own country and be in good standing with the group.To be able to teach you must have a working with childrens check, and recommended by your Sensei.



These can be attained by sending in your resume an long with a dvd of yourself performing techniques.If distance is a problem for gradings, post a dvd of yourself performing the required techniques for the rank attempting.


                                               -Yudansha Syllabus-

Min age 18 years, all time periods are a  minimum  time to wait,


Shodan 1st grade

b3,nage no kata,

own tanto kata

fitness test,judo randori,aikido flow drills,katate shia

1 year since 1st kyu

1st aid cert

essay 500 words on Shihan Kawaishi

attend a coaches course


Nidan 2nd grade

b3,nage no kata and katame no kata

own jo kata

fitness test,randori,flow drills, shia

2 years since shodan

essay 500 words on ju jutsu


Sandan 3rd grade

b3,nage no kata,katame no kata,gonosen no kata

own bo kata

fitness test,randori,flow drills, shia

3 years since nidan


Yondan 4th grade

b3,nage no kata,katame no kata,gonosen no kata,kime no kata

fitness,randori, flow drills,shia

4 years since sandan


Godan 5th grade

b3,nage no,katame no,gonosen no,kime no and itsutsu no kata

fitness,randori,flow drills,shia

5 years since yondan


Rokudan 6th grade

b3,nage,katame,gonosen,kime,itsutsu and ju no kata

6 years since godan, have read all of the Kaeaishi books.


Sichidan 7th grade

b3,nage,katame,gonosen,kime,itsutsu,ju and koshiki no kata

7 years since rokudan, published a paper on the Kawaishi system.